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At Care Addiction Center, we understand that the road to recovery can be challenging, especially for those who are deterred by financial barriers. In honor of Joey Goff, who tragically lost his battle with addiction two years ago, we are proud to introduce the Joey Goff Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to provide comprehensive addiction treatment to individuals who are determined to overcome their struggles with drugs and alcohol but lack the financial means to afford care.



Joey Goff Scholarship For Addiction Treatment



Our Commitment

Since opening our doors in 2016, Care Addiction Center has been committed to removing barriers to addiction treatment. By offering the Joey Goff Scholarship, we continue this tradition, focusing on the needs of our community and providing vital support to those ready to change their lives. We believe in empowering our clients, celebrating their successes, and supporting them every step of the way.




About The Joey Goff Scholarship

The Joey Goff Scholarship is a beacon of hope, uniquely created to honor Joey's memory and to transform his loss into a lifeline for others battling addiction. By covering 100% of the treatment costs at Care Addiction Center, this scholarship ensures that financial constraints do not hinder anyone's journey to recovery.

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What The Scholarship Covers

The Joey Goff Scholarship comprehensively covers all aspects of addiction treatment at Care Addiction Center. This includes initial assessments, detoxification, individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, and any other treatment modalities employed by our center. Our goal is to provide a seamless and supportive path to recovery, free of financial stress.




Eligibility Criteria

The Joey Goff Scholarship is available to any individual who:

  • Desires to stop using drugs and alcohol.

  • Faces financial obstacles that prevent them from accessing treatment.

  • Commits to actively participate and adhere to the rules and guidelines of our program.

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