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family therapy for addiction.




Entire Family Therapy

At Care Addiction Center we believe that the disease of addiction is a family disease, and we treat the symptoms in a holistic manner. 


Family therapy for addiction is a form of psychotherapy that addresses the addiction in the context of the entire family and works to restore the health of both the individual, as well as family members and those closest to them.


We encourage our patients to invite their family members who are supportive of their recovery to attend our Saturday morning Family Support Group in Geneva IL.

  • Family Support Group

  • Saturday

  • From 9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Our family program will offer your support system resources to address codependency, enabling, healthy boundaries, and family roles. These insights and skills will be invaluable in your family's participation in your recovery from addiction.




What To Expect

Family therapy can be beneficial for family members of an individual struggling with addiction, whether they are currently in recovery or not. Who benefits?


  • Family members such as spouses, partners, parents, or siblings

  • Children and teenagers who have a family member with addiction

  • Blended families such as step-parents, step-siblings, or other family members

  • Family systems or whole families seeking to heal and grow together


Because of the vital role that family involvement and support plays in recovery, family therapy is a crucial part of addiction treatment. Family members are encouraged to:


  • Learn more about the disease of addiction

  • Ask questions

  • Role play different events and receive feedback


Family support group reaches individuals in Geneva, Batavia, Sycamore, St. Charles, and Kane County IL ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access family therapy for addiction.

family therapy for addicioin.
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