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Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment


Therapists and counselors at Care Addiction Center are now able to provide therapy sessions and services with video conferencing making it easier than ever to get the help and care you need.


Developing global safety concerns sparked by COVID-19 have created an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Our focus has been to ensure the health, well-being and safety of our patients, staff, and alumni by avoiding unnecessary exposure risk by holding in-person individual and group sessions.

Stay Connected

Our dedicated, educated and passionate clinicians and specialists remain on call to support individuals and families who may need guidance or are seeking treatment. We do not want anyone to feel as if they are alone or without options.

No Additional Cost

There is no additional cost to use Care Addiction Center’s online or virtual services.

Addiction treatment at home.

Online Addiction Treatment

Therapists and counselors at Care Addiction Center are providing online outpatient addiction treatment with video conferencing making it easier than ever to get the help you need from the convenience of home.

online addiction treatment.




How It Works

Levels Of Care

Care Addiction Center offers outpatient treatment services including virtual assessments, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), outpatient treatment, online therapy, individual counseling, and DUI evaluations online and at our Geneva Illinois location.

Virtual Assessments

Virtual assessments start with a phone call and can be completed over the phone or with video conferencing.  After a virtual assessment, if we can provide services recommended, we send an electronic consent to your email with an invitation to join our group. You click on the link and join the group. It’s easy, not cumbersome, and there is no download necessary.

Group Therapy

Group therapy participants use video conferencing to see peers and the facilitator in a virtual room and ask questions, get feedback, and participate just as if in person. Much the same as in-person group therapy with lecture topics, skill building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and different exercises. Lecture material is emailed ahead of time, allowing clients to follow along with exercises or homework that would normally be available in person.

  • An individual can continue working

  • Allows for privacy between business and personal life

  • Virtual group therapy participants can attend treatments in the comfort of their home

  • Patients can manage their schedule a bit differently

  • Some patients find this approach to be less invasive because we are able to meet the needs of the patient in their own home

Wondering what clients have to say about virtual iop, online addiction treatment and group therapy? In place since April, we have heard clients say it has been an easy process. They also tell us virtual group has been beneficial and has gotten them sober.

The Help You Deserve

Life doesn’t come to a complete stop for us or anyone in crisis with a substance use disorder. Expert care and support are now accessible and convenient with online services whether you live in Geneva Il, surrounding areas of Batavia, St. Charles, Sycamore, or anywhere in Illinois.

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