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Care Addiction Center provides effective, professional and caring substance abuse treatment in Illinois for those individuals and their loved ones suffering from the disease of alcoholism, drug abuse or substance abuse. Recovery is possible.

We strive to provide the best possible outcome for long term recovery through abstinence of alcohol or mood altering drugs while embracing the spiritual principals of twelve step recovery philosophies. We assist in providing public awareness of recovery through workshops and community education.




Vision & Values

Respect for the dignity of all individuals – Compassion towards those we serve – The most cost effective substance abuse treatment possible with the best possible outcome.

Care Addiction Center will strive to continue to offer the most up-to-date, holistic, professionally delivered services in a caring and compassionate manner. We will continue to grow our services to reach those in need as well as offer cost appropriate treatment taking into consideration those motivated for recovery with limited resources. We seek to bring recovery to those individuals and family members suffering from the disease of alcoholism and/or substance abuse.

Support Group Session
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