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DUI Services
court appointed dui classes.



Court Appointed DUI Classes

If you have been charged with a DUI in Kane County Illinois, don't wait for your court hearing - call us today to schedule a DUI Evaluation and be prepared for court. Evening, weekend and same day appointments.


Our knowledgeable, caring staff is here to help you through this process.


Care Addiction Center is a DASA approved DUI Treatment Provider. We are able to complete your DUI Evaluation and follow up treatment including Risk Education DUI Classes and Substance Abuse Counseling at our Geneva Illinois facility. We also offer online evaluations and treatment.




DUI Evaluation Process

The process doesn't need to be overwhelming. At Care Addiction Center, we have 4 simple steps:

  1. Contact Us

  2. Evaluation

  3. Treatment

  4. Completion Certificate

DUI assessments and evaluations are confidential, interview-style one on one setting with a licensed caring counselor. We can complete your DUI risk assessment in about one hour.

Based on the evaluation, a classification and a recommendation for risk education DUI classes and treatment is determined. 

DUI evaluation.
DUI classes & counseling




DUI Treatment Levels

Level 1: Minimum Risk (10 hours of DUI classes)

Level 2: Moderate Risk (12 hours of treatment and 10 hours of DUI classes)

Level 3: Significant Risk (20 hours of treatment and 10 hours of DUI classes)

Level 4: High Risk (75 hours of treatment)

Services & Fees

DUI Evaluations: $300.00
Updated DUI Evaluations: $300.00
Risk Education DUI Classes - 10 Hours: $500.00
Early Intervention - 12 Hours: $750.00
Substance Abuse Counseling - 20 Hours: $1500
Substance Abuse Counseling - 75 Hours: $3750
Continuing Care Group - 6 Months: $600 / 12 Months: $1200

Schedule of DUI Classes

Risk Education DUI Classes

  • Saturday

  • From 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Monday – Thursday

  • From 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Continuing Care Group

  • Monday Evenings

  • From 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

All classes are available in person or online. Whether you live in Geneva or the surrounding areas of Batavia, St Charles, Sycamore or Kane County IL, DUI treatment is available.

What Should I Bring to a DUI Evaluation?

  • Copy of your Court Purposes driving abstract (driving record current within 30 days of appointment)

  • Blood alcohol test (BAC) result or the copy of “Notice of Summary Suspension” showing that you refused the test.

  • Having an available spouse or close friend to verify your alcohol/drug history is part of the process. NOTE: This can be done over the phone.

Can I Attend a DUI Program in Another State?

It depends on the state. Most of the time if a client gets a DUI in another state they can transfer it back to the state/county which they reside in and then complete the evaluation and DUI classes in their home state. However, clients should check with the county of which the arrest was in.

Does Insurance Cover DUI Programs?

For lower levels of care like 10 hours or 12 hours of Risk Education DUI classes, chances are they don't cover it because they don't meet diagnostic criteria. Insurance doesn't pay just because it's a medical intervention, there must be a need and medical necessity. With that being said, for higher levels of care such as 20 or 75 hours there's a possibility their insurance may cover.

How Long Does it Take to Complete DUI Classes?

For the 10 hour Risk Education DUI classes, it takes a minimum of 4 weeks. The state restricts the hours and frequency to 3 hours per class and that can only be one class attended per wee - thus it typically takes about 4 weeks to complete 10 hours. For the 12 and 20 hour Risk Education DUI classes they can attend more frequently.

Do You Have Online Options?

Yes, all of our Risk Education,  DUI classes, DUI counseling and DUI evaluations can be conducted online, telehealth, or in person. If you live outside of the Geneva, Batavia and St Charles area, or you do not have access to transportation - online evaluations, dui classes and counseling are available online.

What Are DUI Classes Like?

DUI classes are structured classes to help educate you about the dangers of drinking and driving, and provide educational components to understand what happens in the brain when we drink and why it becomes so dangerous. We also discuss coping skills and other strategies that can be used to help reduce the need for alcohol or substances in one's life.

Can I Take DUI Classes Before Court?

You need to complete the DUI evaluation before court. Getting the evaluation done, and starting on treatment with risk education DUI classes and counseling right away is a good idea so you can show the court you are trying to make this wrong decision right.

How Do I Let The Court Know I Have Completed DUI Classes?

Once a client completes Risk Education DUI classes we will give them a letter of completion/discharge summary. These documents will state what the recommendation was per the DUI evaluation and what they have completed, and if any other treatment is necessary.

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