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DUI Evaluation Process In Illinois

dui evaluation in illinois

Anyone charged with DUI in Illinois needs a DUI Evaluation completed. Why? Before sentencing can occur, Illinois wants to know the extent of the alcohol and or drug use and its associated risk to current/future public safety.

What is a DUI Evaluation?

A DUI Evaluation is completed with a licensed DUI professional. Evaluations are confidential, in an interview-style one on one setting, and they take about an hour.

Based on the evaluation, a classification and a recommendation will be determined and recorded on the Alcohol and Drug Uniform Report form for the Court or the Office of the Secretary of State. The form will then be given to the client to take to the hearing.

Need to schedule a DUI Evaluation in Illinois? Contact Care Addiction Center: (630) 402-0144.

What To Expect & What Items To Bring

Before the evaluation, it’s important to gather the information you will need to bring with you:

  1. Copy of Driving Abstract (also known as a Driving History) from DMV

  2. Copy of the Sworn Report from the night of arrest. This is available by request from the police station.

  3. Corroborating story from another person, usually a spouse or close friend to verify your alcohol/drug history. If you can bring that person to the DUI Evaluation, it’s helpful. However, the corroborating story can also be obtained via phone.

During the evaluation, a licensed counselor will conduct an interview, ask about past drug or alcohol use, and what happened the night of the arrest. It can take about an hour.

After the DUI Evaluation

The evaluation process not only determines a classification of risk, but a recommendation for DUI treatment. Minimum risk requires treatment of 10 hours of DUI Risk Education.

Care Addiction Center has been working with the court system in Kane County over 8 years, and because of the minimum treatment requirement, most choose to start treatment right away instead of waiting for the hearing.

Care Addiction Center offer all treatment levels from mild to moderate and severe with evening and weekend hours.

Schedule A DUI Evaluation

If you would like to find out more, or schedule a DUI Evaluation, call us today or schedule online to begin treatment.

Same day appointments are available, as well as rush service to receive the DUI Evaluation the same day.


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