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Why Family Group Is An Important Part of Treatment

intensive outpatient (iop)

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction can damage a family, erode trust and strain relationships. When a loved one is battling addiction, we encourage family members and supportive friends to participate in family therapy and assist on the road to recovery. Research suggests that family involvement in the recovery process increases a patient’s potential for recovery. Care Addiction Center offers a Family Group program for its patients every Saturday morning. At family group patients are encouraged to invite a supportive spouse, child or parent to attend and learn more about the disease of addiction, ask questions, and role play different events and receive feedback. Family group is a small group centered lecture that allows our patients' support system to understand ways they can help rather than enable their loved one. We believe addiction is a family disease and we need to treat it in a holistic therapeutic approach.

Through individual, small group, couples counseling, and family sessions we are able to meet the needs of the family in a helpful and supportive manner. ​ If you or a loved one need help and want to know more about recovery programs, feel free to contact us.

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