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Intensive Evening Outpatient Program (IOP)

At Care Addiction Center, we understand the need to have an intimate and structured environment for individuals seeking treatment.

Throughout our six (6) week Intensive Outpatient Program, patients will be educated about coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, as well as an introduction into AA / NA.

Through the program individuals are able to examine how their addiction played a role in their life and learn alternative ways to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our experienced staff is able to assist and guide guidelines on the road of recovery to help ensure their sobriety and answer questions along the way.

Some of the topics discussed in treatment will be:

  • Early Recovery Skills

  • Introduction to the Twelve Steps

  • Stages of Change

  • Healthy Life Structure

  • Relapse Prevention Skills

  • Solutions and Awareness of Triggers and Urges

  • Understanding the Brain Chemistry of Addiction

  • Family Involvement and Support Systems

Part of the six (6) week program is our Saturday morning Family Programming Group. Each Saturday morning the patient will invite their supportive family members, friends, and significant others to group. Saturday morning group is to educate the family members and networks of our clients in ways they can support their loved ones without enabling and reducing codependency. At Care Addiction Center, we believe the disease of addiction is a family disease, and by educating the family unit to help foster recovery.

During the six (6) week program clients will have the opportunity to meet with their primary counselor at least once a week for an individual session. These sessions can also be used to connect with supportive family members and significant others to help educate them on the process of recovery and what they can do to help aid in their loved ones recovery.

We believe that the 12-step model is an important and imperative to an individual’s healthy recovery. AA and NA are used throughout the programming at Care Addiction Center. Clients will be introduced to AA / NA while in treatment through lectures, meetings, and bridge groups. Throughout our years of experience, we have found that the 12 step model aids clients understand their past substance abuse history in a helpful and therapeutic way through community.

We offer an evening and morning outpatient program.

Our six (6) week programs are offered Monday through Thursday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

We also understand the time constraints and busy schedules of our patients.

We also offer a morning Intensive Outpatient Program from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday through Thursday when census allows.

If you or a loved one need help for a substance abuse problem and want to know more about outpatient programs, feel free to contact us.

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