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Virtual Assessments at Care Addiction Center

virtual substance use assessment

Care Addiction Center is able to offer virtual substance abuse assessments.

It starts with a phone call. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist you in answering questions and concerns you may have about entering treatment, and to schedule an assessment with our trained and compassionate counselors.

A virtual assessment is very similar to an in-person assessment. We complete a biopsychosocial assessment that includes questions about what kind of substances have been used, how frequently they are used, and other issues related to the substance use.

A virtual assessment can be completed over the phone or with video conferencing.

All assessments are strictly confidential and take about 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

Through your assessment our staff will be able to gather information needed to place you in the best treatment available. If you need a level of care which we don’t provide we will work with our network of providers to assist you.

Getting Help For Addiction

While addiction recovery can be challenging, it is achievable with the right resources and support. If you or somebody in your life seems to have an issue with alcohol or suffering from addiction, professional help may be the best option for recovery.

At Care Addiction Center, we offer treatment plans that address every facet of your addiction, serving individuals in Geneva, Batavia, Sycamore, St. Charles, and Kane County, with online addiction treatment available anywhere in Illinois. 

To get started on the road to recovery, or if you have questions about helping yourself or a loved one, call us today or schedule a confidential assessment online and begin treatment.


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