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What To Expect At Virtual Group Therapy

virtual substance group therapy

At Care Addiction Center we understand that treatment needs to fit your life and recovery - not the other way around. Group Therapy is a large part part of the recovery process, both for Outpatient Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Virtual group therapy is similar to in-person group therapy - with the exception that video conferencing is used to see all peers and the facilitator in a virtual room. Participants still ask questions, get feedback, and participate just as if in person. We believe this is the best way to receive treatment while adhering to CDC, state, local guidelines for social distancing.

Participating in virtual substance abuse group therapy is easy to do, and at Care Addiction Center we have streamlined the process into a few small steps. After a virtual assessment, if we can provide services recommended, we send an electronic consent to your email with an invitation to join our group for therapy sessions. You click on the link and join the group. It’s easy, not cumbersome, and there is no download necessary. There is no additional payment for video services.

Virtual group therapy is much the same as in-person group therapy with lecture topics, skill building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and different exercises. Lecture material is emailed ahead of time, allowing clients to follow along with exercises or homework that would normally be available in person. Wondering what clients have to say about virtual group therapy? In place since April, we have heard clients say they thought it was going to be very dry and difficult to navigate, but it has been an easy process. They also tell us it has been beneficial and has gotten them sober.

If you or a loved one need help for an addiction or alcohol problem and want to know more about treatment options, call us at: (630) 402-0144.

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