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Virtual IOP Outpatient Program

alcohol rehab

If you are one of the millions of people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and considering treatment, don’t put off starting treatment just because virtual treatment programs might seem intimidating.

Clients have told us it has been an easy process. They also tell us virtual therapy has been beneficial and has gotten them sober.

What Is Virtual IOP & How Does It Work?

Therapists and counselors at Care Addiction Center are providing virtual IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) addiction treatment with video conferencing making it easier than ever to get the help and care you need.

Clients and their family members are able to engage in telehealth sessions with providers using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Group therapy is a large part of IOP, and virtual group therapy is similar to in-person group therapy - with the exception that video conferencing is used to see all peers and the facilitator in a virtual room.

Participants still ask questions, get feedback, and participate just as if in person. Virtual group therapy is much the same as in-person group therapy with lecture topics, skill building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and different exercises. Lecture material is emailed ahead of time, allowing clients to follow along with exercises or homework that would normally be available in person. Just like our in-person program, virtual IOP treatment takes place in the evening, so there is less disruption from school and work.

Are You Concerned About Online Treatment?

Despite the growing popularity of telehealth services, there is still some skepticism around the effectiveness of virtual IOP. What is important to know is the effectiveness is still very high because everything that is done in-person is able to be done online. Care Addiction Center’s biggest strength is their small group sizes. If you were joining a program with 20 people online at the same time, we could see how that could be a therapeutic barrier. Due to our size of around 6-7 in groups we are still able to provide and intimate, tailored effective program. Virtual IOP and virtual group therapy is not a sit back and listen environment. It is interactive and engaging - more than just an online video lecture.Through different therapeutic tools we are able to engage clients and have high participation rates virtually. Care Addiction sends out lecture materials every night for what the next meeting is about, and you can print it out so you still have all the information in front of you. A facilitator active and live with you, working through different lectures and materials.

Just as active learning requires students to participate in a classroom as opposed to sitting and listening quietly, your facilitator might choose to use the online whiteboard feature in Zoom, ask you to participate in short questions & answers, share with the group, or hold things up (for example, you might be asked to draw a picture of what you are going to lose.) Skepticism also arises around the thought that telehealth requires refined knowledge of technology. On the contrary, accessing telehealth resources can be just as easy, if not easier, than going in person for a visit. Virtual IOP and virtual group therapy have been in place since April, and clients have told us it has been an easy process. They also tell us virtual therapy has been beneficial and has gotten them sober.

How Online Addiction Treatment Works

Step 1: Schedule a virtual assessment Step 2: Participate in virtual group therapy and other modalities as specified by your therapist and counselors Step 3: Participate in aftercare Life doesn’t come to a complete stop for us or anyone in crisis with a substance use disorder. Expert care and support are now accessible and convenient with online services.

Getting Help For Addiction

If you or somebody in your life seems to have an issue with alcohol or drugs, or is suffering from addiction, professional help may be the best option for recovery.

At Care Addiction Center, we offer treatment plans that address every facet of your addiction, serving individuals in Geneva, Batavia, Sycamore, St. Charles, and Kane County, with online addiction treatment available anywhere in Illinois. 

To get started on the road to recovery, or if you have questions about helping yourself or a loved one, call us today or schedule a confidential assessment online and begin treatment.


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